Ministry of the Environment - expert guarantor of the Water Centre research programme

The Water Centre is part of a programme to support science and research called "Environment for Life", which was professionally prepared by the Ministry of the Environment, which is also the guarantor of this research programme. The Ministry of the Environment is represented by Mrs. Ing. Tereza Davidová, Ph.D., who acts in the capacity of rapporteur, which is not only an integral part of the Steering Group of the research programme but also monitors the coordination of individual work packages as well as financial and communication aspects of the operation of the Water Centre. Other employees of the Ministry of the Environment participate in the implementation of individual "work packages" as the so-called expert guarantors. The purpose of close cooperation with the employees of the Ministry of the Environment is not only their role as guarantors but also direct involvement in the work of research teams, where they are acquainted with the details and progress of work. This creates opportunities for their comments during the implementation of individual work packages, not to mention the possibility to enrich their knowledge, which they can then use in their normal work activities.